My Projects

Some of my projects:

  1. Cantr - for 8 years being a programmer working on upgrading the code, planning and introducing new features for a browser-based society simulator and role-playing game. Mostly PHP, JS and MySQL. Also for about 4 years I was part of the Game Administration
  2. Pyslate - a powerful library for handling i18n in Python applications. Makes it easy to introduce variants for fusional languages and extensively uses fallbacks - GitHub
  3. Exeris - a browser-based crafting and exploration game. Backend in Python and SQLAlchemy, frontend in ES6 + React -
  4. - A site (and library called Bestaro) that helps in finding lost pets. Scala, ES6 + React -

Most of these are available on my GitHub.

The most recent posts

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  2. My second appearance in 'Jeden z Dziesięciu' TV quiz show
  3. World map generation in Exeris
  4. Introducing React into the legacy application