About me

My name is Aleksander Chrabąszcz and I'm living in Kraków, Poland. Currently I'm working as a Software Engineer in Remitly.

When it goes to programming I'm mostly tied to JVM. Among others, I know Java, Python, ES6, CSS, Scala, PHP, Gosu, SQL (especially MySQL, also Postgres + PostGIS). I also use AWS for cloud services and I've used Terraform to provision them.

I like recreational cycling and producing home beverages: nalewkas, cider, wine. More about that topic (in Polish) can be found on my site alkowadomowa.pl.

I'm working on my browser game called Exeris, which is a perpetual activity that may never be finished - more about it can be read on blog.exeris.org.

My other interests include foreign languages and history. Another, a more passive activity is watching sport, especially football (soccer) and ski jumping.

Natural languages I know best are Polish and English. I also know some German, Esperanto, Italian and I'm trying to study Latin for reading.
If you are also interested in languages, you can follow me on Duolingo.

You can contact me using email visible on the top bar of the page: aleksander at chrabasz.cz

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