My appearance in the Grand Final of 'Jeden z Dziesięciu'

12 May 2022

In my previous post I wrote about my victory in TV show 'Jeden z Dziesięciu'. I've mentioned then that the top 10 winners of the season participate in the Grand Final. I've just managed to get into the final as the tenth, but it didn't really matter, as all the players have the equal chances.

The rules of the Grand Final

They are really the same as in a regular episode, the difference is only when it goes to the prizes for the winners, which are significantly higher:

Also, the questions are generally harder.


When I went to the railway station just before my train was planned to depart, I've noticed that I forgot to take the suit. I knew the shops will be closed in Lublin when I'll arrive there, so for a moment I was very worried that I'll have to visit Tadeusz Sznuk in the T-Shirt.

Tadeusz Sznuk wearing a suit

Tadeusz Sznuk would not be amused

But, thanks to PKP, the train was delayed and I managed to quickly buy some semi-elegant shirt in the nearby shop. So, a bit calmer, I rode to Lublin.

My plan was to not lose after the first two questions and, if I'll be very lucky, to get to the final.

The recording was just a few days before Russian invasion on Ukraine, which is not that far from Lublin.

A tower illuminated by blue and yellow

Some buildings were illuminated like that, here Trynitarska Tower

The game

The first round was easy, but the second was pretty hard. People were aware that player number 2 is very strong and got a lot of points in his episode, but nobody could feel safe. I was pretty good for most of the round, but then I made two mistakes and I was pretty unsure if I'll do it.

The final was pretty surprising, with a few plot twists. You can watch the course of action in the video below. In general, I was very happy, even though it could've been even better.


Below I've reuploaded the recording, so it won't disappear.

My questions

9 questions and 2 mistakes, so it was quite a bit.

Q: Byte consists of bits or bit consists of bytes?
A: Byte consists of bits (that was easy)

Q: How many countries have population of over billion people?
A: Two (People's Republic of China and India)

Q: Whose name has the airport in Roissy-en-France close to Paris?
A: Charles de Gaulle

Q: How many participants are there in ATP Finals?
A: 8

Q: Is sugar made of sugar beet and sugarcane the same sucrose?
A: Yes

Q: Which of the Roman numbers C, M, L, D is the biggest?
A: M

Q: Could Jean de la Fontaine use Ignacy Krasicki's knowledge in writing fables?
A: No (My answer was yes. I've changed my mind a few times during the 3 seconds, finally it led to a mistake)

Q: What was the name of yaht on which Krzysztof Baranowski sailed around the world?
A: Polonez

Q: Which instrument is played by Jerry Lee Louis?
A: Piano (My answer was trumpet)


Q: Mitikas is the highest peak of which mountain?
A: Olympus (I gave no answer)

Q: What is the name of groups of islands in central and south part of Pacific, including Polynesia, Micronesia?
A: Oceania

Q: Which Austrian Emperor was older brother of Ferdinand Maximilian Josef, emperor of Mexico?
A: Franz Joseph

Q: What word of Greek origin can be used for a group of lawyers?
A: 'Palestra' (term used in Polish)

Q: Which Shakespeare's work is mentioned in title of Malczewski's painting depicting Aleksander Wielopolski?
A: Hamlet (I said Macbeth. The painting is called 'Hamlet Polski' - 'Polish Hamlet')

Q: What means 19 in COVID-19?
A: Year of being recognized

Q: How does converting the musical piece to another instrument?
A: Arrangement

Q: In which tome of Reymont's book 'Chłopi' is the wedding of Maciej Boryna described?
A: Autumn (I said Winter)


It was better than I've expected and I was even close to winning, which would be absolutely great. In general it was a nice experience. I'll try again in four years.

I've asked Tadeusz Sznuk for the autograph, but he said he's forbidden to make any contact with the players because of COVID restrictions ;( so I've promised I'll be back to take it in four years. Then I've taken the cup I won in the grand final and good memories to Kraków.

A cup

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